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In this video I explain the step by step process to learn how to move on court.

The basics are that we move in a semi-circle so that we can make a drive when we reach the ball.
Court movement is a skill that must be nurtured constantly, this is because you can reach a higher level of efficiency by practicing this simple fundamentals.

The movement pattern explained here are the following:
On the left side of the court make the first step with the right foot then left foot and finally right foot.

On the right side of the court use the opposite patter: Left-Right-Left.

The movement you’re going to make are:
1)The first step is toward the front or the back wall.
2)The second step is diagonal and toward the corner in which you’re heading.
3)The last step is a side step that makes you face the side wall so that you can make a drive.

In depth theorethical video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC3LthHdM2I
The principle behind court movement is that if you stay in the center not only you gain control over your opponent but you also have to move less, that is because it requires less than two steps to reach the side wall while it requires 5 steps to reach the back of the court from the front wall.

With practice you will reache new level of comprehension of this fundamentals.

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